Kamuyot by Ohad Naharin, December 2, 10-11, Arab-Jewish Community Center

2019 by Ohad Naharin December 8-10, 12-13, suzanne dellal center

Summer Snow by Ella Rothschild, December 20-22, Suzanne Dellal Center

Hora by Ohad Naharin, December 6, Yagur

News & Announcements
Auditions for Batsheva Ensemble, 2022-23 Season for Dancers Based Abroad
Friday & Saturday, 18-19 February 2022
Application deadline: December 18
For registration click here

Batsheva Dance Company abides by the Green Pass regulations - we invite you to enjoy our shows in a safe environment. Please note that the Ministry of Health directives have changed:
- Entrance to the show is subject to the presentation of a QR code of an updated Green Pass (Tav Yarok) or of COVID-19 tests, according to the guidelines that appear here.
-    Wearing masks in the hall is required throughout the show.

On the Edge of Nowhere - A second chapter in a trilogy of works created by Ella Rothschild.

The work functions as an interactive website through which the visitor enters an uncanny space. The visitor-viewer is invited to wander through a dense room, filled with objects and an elusive human presence – that of another viewer, a stranger. Enjoy