Are the halls accessible for the disabled?

Yes. Suzanne Dellal Center and Varda Hall at the Batsheva House are accessible for the disabled. We recommend calling us in advance to coordinate your visit: +972-3-5171471 ext. 115

Can children attend the company’s shows?

Entrance to performances (other than performances for every age e.g., “Kamuyot” and “Decale”) is from the age of 3 years old. Other restrictions will be noted on our website for the specific show.


Is there a late entrance to shows?

Due to the nature of Batsheva performances, latecomers will not be allowed to enter the performance. Please be aware that latecomers will not be given any refunds or ticket exchanges.

How can I reserve a whole performance by the Batsheva Dance Company?

Performances by the Batsheva Dance Company and the Batsheva Ensemble are frequently featured in dance series throughout Israel. To book a show, please contact Mirit Ben Weiss by phone +972-3-5171471 ext. 111 or by email at [email protected]

Why should I become a part of Batsheva Club?

Club members are the first to know about premieres and to enjoy a variety of exclusive promotions. Registration to the Batsheva club is free of charge. To join click here.

How can I receive the club benefits when purchasing tickets on the website?

To receive benefits, you need to first register to the club. After that please identify yourself in the “My Account” area with your personal details and use the relevant promo code at the time of purchase.

Where can I receive the relevant promotion when purchasing tickets?

At the top of the seat selection page, you will find the list of ticket types: full price ticket / discounted tickets: students, soldiers, senior citizens, disability card holder. Discounts are given at checkout. A relevant card should be presented with the tickets at the entrance to the hall if asked by the ushers. In the event of failing to present a valid card, you will be asked to pay the difference to the full ticket price. Discounted tickets are limited to two for each show. A promo code must be entered at the website after selecting a full price ticket. There are no double discounts.

How will I get the tickets?

After completing your purchase, the tickets will be sent to the email address you registered with in the website. On the day of the show, a text message will be sent to the cell number you entered at registration with a link to the tickets (limited to local numbers only).

Can I purchase a gift card for the Company’s shows?

Yes. The gift card includes two tickets to one of the Company’s shows at Suzanne Dellal Hall.
For more information click here

Can I purchase a tickets-bundle to the company’s shows?

The company has a 4-tickets bundle to be used within the season.
For more information click here

Is there a group discount?

Groups of 15 people or more are eligible for a discount. For more information, please contact our customer service manager at Tel. +972-3-5171471 ext. 115 or email  [email protected]

What is your ticket cancellation policy?

Tickets can be changed or cancelled up to two business days before the show. Notification of change or cancelation will be made by phone by the person who purchased the tickets and requires the details of the credit card used to make the purchase. The refund will be made to the credit card with which the tickets were purchased, with a deduction of 5% cancellation fees. Unused tickets will not be refunded or redeemed later on. For further information please consult the Purchase Regulations page.

Can unused tickets be redeemed or refunded?

Unused tickets cannot be redeemed. In special cases, please contact our customer service manager at Tel. +972-3-5171471 ext. 115, or email: [email protected]


איך ניתן להזמין מופע לבית הספר במסגרת סל תרבות?

למידע על מופעים המתאימים לבתי ספר, צרו קשר עם מירית בן-וייס בטלפון 03.5171471 שלוחה 111 או בדוא”ל [email protected] שריון תאריך ספציפי מומלץ לפנות לפני תחילת שנת הלימודים.

האם ניתן להזמין את להקת מחול בת־שבע לאירוע/ערב חברה?

בת־שבע מרבה להופיע באירועים סגורים, כנסים וערבי חברה בפורמט של ” קטעים קצרים מרפרטואר הלהקה /יצירות מקוריות של הרקדנים, או כמופע מלא ומרכזי. לפרטים והזמנת הלהקה מופע סגור, אנא פנו למירית בן-וייס בטלפון 03.5171471 שלוחה 111  או בדוא”ל [email protected]

ביקור בחזרה פתוחה (הצצה לסטודיו):
בת־שבע מזמינה אתכם להצצה מאחורי הקלעים, לעבודה היומיומית של הרקדנים עם הצוות האמנותי, ולתהליכי העבודה המרתקים המתרחשים בסטודיו הלהקה במרכז סוזן דלל בתל אביב.
הצפייה כוללת שיחה עם הצוות האמנותי ו/או הרקדנים; מיועד לקבוצות בלבד (לא לבודדים).
לפרטים נוספים והצעת מחיר אנא פנו למירית בן-וייס בטלפון 03.5171471 שלוחה 111 או בדוא”ל [email protected]