Last Work

by Ohad Naharin
Performed by The Batsheva Ensemble

Last Work
Photo by Ascaf
  • Last Work by Ohad Naharin
    Performed by The Batsheva Ensemble
  • DurationApprox 65 minutes

" the piece is breathtaking for the extraordinary dancing by the Batsheva dancers, and the way Mr. Naharin can evoke states of pleasure, pain, madness and a kind of animality — a sheer state of being in the body — through his movement"
(Roslyn Sulcas, The New York Times)

A dreamlike past, a chaotic present, and devastation followed by an unknown future – Last Work situates itself in time.

In a capsule of abridged history, beauty and tenderness are fighting for survival against displays of power. The bodies trace escape routes from a reality that becomes increasingly chaotic, violent, and pointless, and offer a simple truth of compassion and consolation. And above all, like a ticking bomb, hovers a repetitive movement of effort that does not merge with pleasure – a long mechanical running on the spot, a reminder of the Sisyphean nature of existence.

Last Work takes place in the twilight zone between sweet reverie and nightmarish awakening, on the threshold of choosing between upright surrender that may bring about regeneration, to falling into the abyss of oblivion.

Please note, the soundtrack of the performance contains sounds of gunshots.
The performance contains nudity.
The performances are taking place according to the instructions of the Home Command green city status.
Please note, Weapons are not permitted into the hall, nor is there a place for their safe storage on the premises.

  • Performed by The Batsheva Ensemble season 2023-2024: Gili Yaniv Amodai, Emil Brukman, Holden Cole, Victor Duval, Maya Marom, Bo Matthews, Mermoz Melchior, Celia Merai, Kylie Miller, Sofiia Pikalova, Leann Reizer, Kelis Robinson, Adi Schwarz, Annika Verplancke, Yarden Zana. Apprentices: Zoe Bayliss Nagar, DanDan Cohen, Shira Kestenboum, Noga Senna.
    Guest dancer: Dor Nahum

  • Lighting Design

    Avi Yona Bueno (Bambi)

  • Soundtrack design and edit

    Maxim Warratt

  • Original Music

    Grischa Lichtenberger

  • Additional Music

    Grisha Lichtenberger | "Nani, Nani, Mummies Baby (Romanian)"; "Nani, Nani, My Sweet Little Baby (Romanian)"; "Go to Sleep My Little Baby (Romanian)" in Lullabies of Europe | "Berceuse" by Igor Stravinsky, performed by Clara Rockmore | "Few Mysteries Solved in A Year of Contact" by Sagat | "Club Life" by Hysterics | "Less" by Nils Frahm | "Crusty Juice" by MPIA3 | "Who (Victor Niglio Festival Trap Remix)" by Plastik Funk & Tujamo | "Tantrum" by Luminox | "Trance Maker" by Crazy for Pizza | "Volume VIP" by Monkey

  • Stage Design

    Zohar Shoef

  • Costume Design

    Eri Nakamura

  • Props design

    Roni Azgad

  • Assistants to Ohad Naharin and Maxim Warratt

    Ariel Cohen, Guy Shomroni

  • Running Trainer

    Mark Or

  • Co-producers

    Montpellier Danse 2015 & Hellerau-European Center for the Arts, Dresden.

  • Supported by

    Batsheva New Works Fund and Dalia and Eli Hurvitz Foundation, with special funding provided by the American Friends of Batsheva.

  • World Premiere

    June 2015, Suzanne Dellal Center, Tel-Aviv. Pre-premeire from May 21st.

  • Photo by Ascaf
    Photo by Ascaf
  • Photo by Ascaf
    Photo by Ascaf
  • Photo by Ascaf
    Photo by Ascaf
  • Photo by Ascaf
    Photo by Ascaf


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