Session at Tel Aviv Museum of Art

by Ohad Naharin
Performed by The Compnay Dancers

Session at Tel Aviv Museum of Art
Photo by Ascaf
  • Session at Tel Aviv Museum of Art by Ohad Naharin
    Performed by The Compnay Dancers
  • DurationApprox 50 minuntes

Session was created in 2011 for the Museum of Modern Art in Basel, Fondation Beyeler. It comprises materials from Ohad Naharin’s repertory, plucked from the original works where they were performed: from the lighting, the original composition, the costumes and the constellation of viewing dance on stage. They are performed spontaneously and independently by the Batsheva Dance Company dancers. The living body, with all the knowledge absorbed in it, is featured as a ready-made and charged with new contexts.

This act of attuning remembering bodies holds the inherent failure of the movement’s attempt to replicate itself. Out of this attempt, the physical medium emerges as an arena of infinite singularity, which in turn, produces singular beauty.

Duration: Approx 50 minutes
*Viewing of the show is by standing, sitting on benches, and sitting on the ground
*Due to the nature of the event, there may be slight changes in the entrance times to the hall. Please follow the instructions of the ushers.
*The entrance to the gallery is through the Herta and Paul Amir Building

Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Lily and Yoel-Moshe Elstein Multi-Purpose Gallery, Herta and Paul Amir Building

  • Batsheva Dance Company season 2023-2024:

    Yarden Bareket, Billy Barry, Adi Blumenreich, Yael Ben Ezer, Matan Cohen, Nathan Chipps, Guy Davidson, Iyer Elezra, Sean Howe, Londiwe Khoza, Adrienne Lipson, Eri Nakamura, Gianni Notarnicola, Danai Porat, Igor Ptashenchuk, Yoni (Yonatan) Simon.

  • DJ's

    Yoni (Yonatan) Simon

  • Company and Show Manager

    Yaniv Nagar

  • Company Rehearsal Managers

    Hsin-Yi Hsiang, Rani Lebzelter

  • Production Manager

    Dana Katz Naaman

  • Head Technical Manager

    Roni Cohen

  • Director of Lighting Department

    Eliav Rafaely

  • Director of Sound Department

    Dudi Bell

  • Technical Crew

    Gilad Bonneau

  • Director of Sewing Workshop

    Shahaf Shriki

  • Wardrobe Manager

    Shoshi Or Lavi

  • Tailor

    Danny Kalmer

  • Production Coordinator

    Eden Mesilati Golan

  • Text about the Piece

    Shira Vitaly

  • World Premiere-

    Fondation Beyeler, Basel, Switzerland, May 2011


by Ohad Naharin
Performed by Batsheva Dance Company