Batsheva School

A unique training facility for outstanding young dancers

Batsheva School
Photo by Ascaf

The School

School Director
Ella Naveh

Batsheva Dance Company’s School of Dance, the fruit of Ohad Naharin’s vision, is a professional training program for excelling dancers ages 15-18, who wish to pursue a professional career in this field. The school is a research lab in the spirit of Batsheva, offering a full and rich curriculum with the finest teachers, including past and present Batsheva dancers. The program takes place in the company’s Suzanne Dellal studio three days a week throughout the academic year. The year ends with a full-length show created by the students together with the company’s artistic team and Ohad Naharin.

The Gaga technique, developed by Naharin, stands at the core of the school’s curriculum both as a movement language and as a set of tools for exploring, interpreting, and expanding movement alongside additional dance styles and forms. There is great emphasis on training the dancers for a professional path that includes IDF excelling dancer auditions and advanced programs. In addition, the program offers an introduction to the professional life of dancers and exposes the students to the practices and people that make up the local dance world.
The curriculum includes Gaga lessons, daily classical ballet classes, learning works from the Batsheva Dance Company repertoire, workshops and lectures, watching shows and open rehearsals and more.



The registration for the auditions for the 2023-2024 school year is closed
For questions and additional information you can contact [email protected]

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Time schedule for the school year:
From the beginning of September 2023 until the end of June 2024, the activity will take place three days a week:
Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday at 18:00-21:30 at the suzanne dellal center.
During the first weeks of July 2024, the studies will switch to an “intensive” format on Sunday-Thursday from the morning until the afternoon in preparation for the year-end show.

* There may be changes.
A final schedule will be presented at the beginning of the year.