Project Brief

Project Brief
Design: Adjaye Associates

Technical Info

Campus Structures: 13,500 SQM
Status: 2027
Lead Design: Sir David Adjaye OBE, Adjaye Associates, UK.
Local Executive Architect: Goldschmidt Arditty Ben Naim Architects, Israel.
Landscape Design: Lital Szmuk, Landscape Architect, TeMA Architecture, Urban Landscape Design, Israel.
Project Management: Ezra & Bizaron Housing Co Ltd., Correct Team

  • Design: Adjaye Associates
    Design: Adjaye Associates

In a joint venture with the City of Tel Aviv-Yafo, internationally acclaimed Batsheva Dance
Company is establishing an Arts Campus at the historic Old Central Bus station in southern
Tel Aviv. Designed by world-renowned architect Sir David Adjaye OBE, the Campus
will transform the compound into a green and shaded public square interspaced with
state-of-the-art facilities and offering the public a variety of communal spaces to relax,
engage and interact.

Batsheva will be the resident company on campus, and will spearhead an international
program of contemporary artistic expression across all genres, as well as community
programs and educational activity. The Campus will also be the residence of the new
Municipal Center of Sepharadi and Mizrahi Jewish Culture.
The Campus adds to the rich architectural heritage of the City of Tel Aviv-Yafo, and will be
a destination point both locally and internationally.

Mayor Ron Huldai:
“The Municipality of Tel Aviv–Yafo has made great efforts in recent years to stimulate urban revitalization in Neve Sha’anan, and sees culture as an important catalyst for such growth. We trust that the establishment of the Neve Sha’anan Campus, will serve as a home for both Batsheva Dance Company, one of the city’s prominent dance and cultural institutions, and the Municipal Center for the Sephardic and Mizrahi Jewish Culture. The new Campus will generate diverse and international artistic activity of the highest level, alongside social and educational activities to benefit the residents of the neighborhood and the city as a whole.”