The Greenhouse

Annual course for young dance students

The Greenhouse
Photo by Ascaf

The Greenhouse

The Greenhouse program offers young dancers and dance students ages 14-22 a glimpse into the methods and work processes of the Batsheva Dance Company and a chance to experience them. The program consists of 22 sessions spread throughout the academic year, and serves as a platform for students to expand their toolbox and hone their skills and knowledge beyond what they have learned at dance schools.

The Greenhouse sessions include Gaga lessons, the movement language developed by Ohad Naharin and the daily practice language of the company’s dancers; learning pieces from the company’s repertoire, methodics/technique classes with Ohad Naharin; watching the company’s performances and rehearsals; meeting the dancers and artistic team, and more. The teachers in the Incubator Program are the company’s dancers and artistic team.


Please note: this year there will be no entrance exams at the studio except through a link to a video of you performing a repertoire piece of your choice or an improvisation piece.

Please read carefully the requirements for the video that appear in the application form. You will have to attach the link in the online registration form.

For further questions, you can contact [email protected]