Photo by Ascaf
Photo by Ascaf
Photo by Ascaf
Photo by Ascaf
Photo by Ascaf

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Batsheva Hosts: Project 48 - 6th Edition - A Creative Blind Date 

Round one show: October 11th @ 21:00
Round two show: October 12th @ 22:00

Project 48 Dance, now in its 6th year,  is a 48-hour rollercoaster bringing together choreographers, performers, dramaturges, cinematographers and other artists for a “blind-speed-date.”
The game begins with a raffle which determines the creative ensembles for the first 24 hour creation round. Each ensemble includes a choreographer, a co-creator and a varying number of performers. All ensembles are asked to react to one theme/reference. Once the raffle is completed, each group has only 24 hours to “cook” a new work for the stage using these “ingredients.” The first live show ends with a second and final raffle taking place in front of the audience: the same artists are now re-shuffled into new creative teams with a new theme in mind, and are set-off on another 24 hour creative round, culminating in another live show.

The rehearsals are streamed live to DRDG's Facebook Page and streaming channel offering audiences around the globe a “fly on the wall” peek into the creative processes of leading Israeli choreographers. They are also captured by photographer Ascaf Avraham who within these 24 hours will an “instant exhibition” of photos from the rehearsals, to be exhibited prior to each performance.

Dana Ruttenberg, founder and artistic director:
“In recent years the scene is bubbling with choreographers’ desire to refresh the methods and formats within which they operate, create and showcase their work. This appetite isn’t new, but now it is taking form. More and more, we connect, mix, spill over, unsettle. Creative communities are born and dialogue replaces the illusion of competition. Project 48 invites each of its participants to escape their comfort zone, to dive into a creative process in a limited time frame with unfamiliar travel buddies. 
I wait for it every year: to see how no-time-to-think gives birth to why-nots.”

Artistic Director: Dana Ruttenberg
Artistic Director of “Batsheva Hosts” series: Hillel Kogan

6th edition artists: Or Ashkenazi, Gilboa Egger, Itay Bibas, Carmel Ben-Asher, Yoav Bartel, Michael Getman, Oded Graf, Jason Danino Holt, Yael Venezia, Ofir Yannai, Hadar Katz, Anat Katz, Maya Lewandovsky, Yuval Meskin, Stav Marin, Nitzan Moshe, Ella Nagli, Elik Niv, Pamela Pietro, Tomer Pistiner, Ygal Tzur, Ilan Kav, Mattia Kason, Gil Kerer, Roni Rahamim, Zohar Shoef, Gil Schahar.

Project 48 is supprted by the Dance Department, The Ministry of Culture and Sport, and in partnership with the School of Dance at the Kibbutz Seminar.