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Bundles for Batsheva Club Memebers

4-ticket Bundle 2019-2020

Enjoy a performance with a pair of friends or save your spot at additional performances later in the season.

Save 80 shekel per bundle
Welcome gift: Batsheva branded canvas tote bag

רמה ג'

480 NIS

רמה ב'

540 NIS

רמה א'

600 NIS

8-ticket Bundle 2019-2020

An enjoyable experience for a group of friends or for the whole family.

Save 200 shekel per bundle
Welcome gift: Book signed by Ohad Naharin: "Ohad Naharin: 25 Years with Batsheva"

רמה ג'

920 NIS

רמה ב'

1,040 NIS

רמה א'

1,160 NIS

The bundle is valid for the 2019-2020 season only; There is no limitation on the number of performances included in the bundle; The bundle does not include "Playback" – an intimate cabaret by Ohad Naharin, "Kamuyot" for the whole family, Batsheva hosts performances and Batsheva Dancers Create performances; "2-0-1-9" Ohad Naharin's new work – reservation by phone with extra charge; The welcome gift will be given to bundle purchasers at Batsheva box office, until end of inventory; No multiple discounts

Batsheva Giftcard

Give people you love a couple gift card to Batsheva performances

330 Nis

Giftcard is for level A in the hall

* In accordance with site purchase policy