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Batsheva Hosts: "The other body"

By Nataly Zukerman and Atalia Branzburg

Performer and creator: Nataly Zukerman | Director and creator: Atalia Branzburg Performer: David Zukerman | Lighting Design: Amir Castro | Producer: Omer Alsheich | Stage manager: Michal Ben-Yehuda, Shahar Gadesh Stills | Photography: Gadi Dagon

Following a severe accident at the age of 12, which left her paralyzed, and after extensive rehabilitation that made her into "a hero triumphing against all odds", a question arises: what's next?
"The Other Body" is a live art piece constructed by a collage of true and fictitious stories. We watch as Nataly invites her dad on stage to tell a bed time story dealing with her invisible physical disability and challenging the audience to deal with their own inner disabilities; we see a map of retaliations and retributions following scars left behind from lovers past unfold before us; she asks a man from the audience to help her organize the space and unbeknown to him, in doing this, he becomes her blind date. Is it possible to fall in love on stage? In an intimate space, Nataly's stories come to life as they unfold textually and visually on stage.

The works were developed within the framework of "A-Genre Festival 2013" in Tmuna Theatre, and as part of the Actor-Creator-Researcher M.F.A. track, Department of the Theatre Arts, Tel Aviv University

Nataly Zukerman is a Performance Artist, she has created and participated in the last fifteen years in various performance and theater works around the world. Among her works: "Practice Makes Perfect" for which she won best performer (Acco Festival of Alternative Israeli Theatre 2015), "A Family Tree" (part of "A Broken Phone" event, Tzavta Theatre, Israel), "The Other Body" for which she won best performer at the Israeli fringe awards 2014 (created together with Atalia Branzburg, Tmuna Theatre, Israel), "Talking to the Bartender" (performed in various bars, directed together with Lechay Beckerman), "Willo & Robo" (Wrap House, Norway), "Are You Cold?" (The National Review of Live Art, Scotland), "It All Depends On Who Plays The Leading Part" (Tramway Theatre and The Edinburgh Fringe Festival). She also works as lecturer in various programs for children and adults, as a freelance dramaturg and is one of the initiators and artistic directors of "Talooy Bamakom – a site specific festival" in Tel Aviv. She has a first degree in education and directing from The Kibbutzim College of Education, and another BA degree in Performance from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. She has just finished her Masters degree in theater studies from Tel Aviv University.
                                                                                                                          Atalia Branzburg is a theatre director and a performer. She holds a BA (hons) degree in Theatre Directing and MFA (hons) in Theatre and Performance Art. Since 2013 Atalia has created theatre productions in Tel Aviv including 'The Other Body", "Pillar of Defence", "We Are Not a Text in a Performance ". Atalia also co-curated "Taluy Bamakom" a site spesific festival in Tel- Aviv.