Reunite Pangea!

Batsheva Dancers Create

Reunite Pangea!
צילום: עידו טולדנו | עיצוב: מאי ג'רפי
  • Reunite Pangea! Batsheva Dancers Create

In the face of increasingly polarizing voices and politics, a call has been raised to reunite Pangea, the supercontinent that began to break apart around 200 million years ago. This sincere yet impossible manifesto strives to cease war, hunger, and abuse of natural resources by mending the tectonic lines that separate us.

“Reunite Pangea!” may be a corner of internet irony – stickers, petitions, memes, and t-shirts – yet it is also an invitation for us to reimagine what is hopelessly and humanly optimistic. The scale of the idea, so huge and laughably unattainable, becomes something much more potent and inspiring when taken on a human to human level. How can we move closer together, bridge what divides us, contain multiple viewpoints in a discussion, or even accept the hypocrisies that exist inside each of us as individuals?

In this evening we delve into different creative worlds, and allow them to inhabit one space. We invite you, the audience, to view each piece as its own continent, imbued with its own culture, customs, and climate. They inevitably develop in their own directions but are cut out of a greater whole.

Batsheva has continued its tradition of providing dancers from both the Company and the Young Ensemble the opportunity to create independent and original work. Since 2002, creation workshops and production and marketing resources are provided through the generous support of the Michael Sela Foundation for the Cultivation of Young Artists.

An evening of works created and performed by the dancers themselves along with other guest dancers.

The “Batsheva Dancers Create” project is supported by the Michael Sela Fund for Cultivation of Young Talent at Batsheva


Please notice, each evening contains two parts A and B. The purchase is to each part separately.
10% discount on the second ticket when purchasing tickets for both parts (for purchases via phone only: 03-5171471 Ext. 115)

Presenting dancers:
Part A: Chen Agron, Billy Barry and Gianni Notarnicola, Yarden Bareket, Ben Green, Adrienne Lipson, Matan Cohen
Part B: Gianni Notarnicola, Yael Ben Ezer, Ohad Mazor, Danai Porat, Sean Howe

*The show in part A contains nudity

  • Artistic Accompaniment

    Lior Avizoor

  • Special Thanks

    Jason Danino Holt, Itzik Giuli, Nava Frenkel, Bosmat Nossan, Dana Ruttenberg