Batsheva Ensemble Dancers Create

  • MIKA Batsheva Ensemble Dancers Create

Us, Human beings,
are social creatures seeking belonging, companionship, connection, and community.
No matter the circumstances whether at home, work or at a protest.
The wish to take part in something larger than ourselves can lead us to conform to a group identity
and sometimes blur the line between “self” and “other” in order to connect.
we are all longing for social recognition and acknowledgment of our uniqueness and the statement our presence brings to the world.
The conflict between the individual and the constant search for community is always there in any aspect of our lives.

‘Mika’ an evening of short pieces created by Batsheva Ensemble dancers, is an examination of the idea of a group, an individual and the relationship between them.

The “Batsheva Dancers Create” project is supported by the Michael Sela Fund for Cultivation of Young Talent at Batsheva