Batsheva Hosts: TSENA URENA

by Stav Marin & Merav Dagan

Batsheva Hosts: TSENA URENA
  • Batsheva Hosts: TSENA URENA by Stav Marin & Merav Dagan
  • Duration45 minutes

We came here to beat, to birth a present body from bodies that we never
studied and from those that we never dared to imagine. We are assembling
and dismantling building blocks and live matter- moving through our Hebrew
mouths and the history of our female, dancing bodies.
In the end, everything is a pulse, beaten between us, inside of us, that would
stay and perhaps, through it, we could dance the future.

TSENA URENA is the second artistic collaboration by Stav Marin and Merav
Dagan. The work continues their common research, exploring representations
of the female body. Through physical and vocal work ranging from meditative
mantras to rap and pop songs, they return not only to their personal and bodily
history, but also to a language that Hebrew culture sought to silence and
exclude from the Israeli space – Yiddish.

Batsheva Hosts, under the artistic direction of Lior Avizoor and Hillel Kogan, is a platform showcasing works by independent Israeli artists from the fields of dance and performance.

  • Dramaturgy and artistic advice

    Neta Weiner

  • Costumes

    Tamar Ben Cnaan

  • Voice instructor

    Roy Hason

  • Lighting

    Yoav Barel