Frequently Asked Questions

* Entry to the halls is in accordance with the Ministry of Health directions, which vary from time to time *

How do I join the Batsheva club?

Join the members club through our website by clicking on the "Batsheva Club" button on the image slider. Do not hesitate to join: the process is simple and quick, and the discounts are significant.


What benefits do Batsheva club members enjoy?

Members receive significant discounts and the entitlement to purchase tickets bundles, as specified in Site Purchase Policy. Furthermore, you will receive information on new performances and promotions directly to your email.


Is joining the Batsheva club subject to fees?



How do I receive club discounts when I purchase tickets online?

In order to get promotions, click on "My Account" in the top left corner of our website. After entering your username and password, choose the relevant performance.

How do I purchase tickets online?

You can purchase your tickets online by accessing the performance "Schedule" on the left of the main toolbar, choosing the preferred date on the calendar and clicking on the appropriate ticket option.


How do I receive discounts on the website?

When paying online, the discount will appear within "billing status".

The top of the seat selection page lists the relevant ticket types, which should be selected: standard full-price ticket / a student, a soldier, a senior citizen or a disabled person discount / a promotion code. Discounts are given at the online payment stage. Relevant identification must be presented at the box office upon ticket collection. Each discount receiver is entitled to a maximum of two tickets per performance.

What is a promotion code and how is it used for online purchasing?

A promotion code is a specific code given to customers which provides a discount. Purchasing with a promotion code is done on the Shopping Cart page. Enter the discount code number and click on the "Apply Coupon" button. Please pay attention that the discount is included in the billing status. 

What are the different ticket levels available at the Suzanne Dellal Hall?

The Suzanne Dellal Hall offers tickets at two price levels, hall and balcony.
Varda hall has one price level only.
Other halls may have different price levels.

How to present a ticket in order to enter a show?
Please present your ticket digitally on your cell phone or print it in advance.


Where is the Company's box office located?

The box office is located in front of the Company's offices, adjacent to the Yerushalmi Hall yard in front of the Varda Hall stairs.


What is Varda Hall and where is it located?

Varda Hall is Batsheva Dance Company's studio and it is situated in the Yerushalmi Hall yard, above the Company's offices. 
Performances such as "2019", "The Hole", "Kamuyot", "Mamootot", "Batsheva Dancers Create" and others are staged in this venue as well as open rehearsals and other coordinated in advance workshops.


What are the box office hours?

The box office is open Sunday-Thursday, 09:00-17:00. 

When there is a performance on Fridays as well.
The box office is open for phone calls until one hour before the beginning of the show on performance days, when it is in the Suzanne Dellal area.


Is there a giftcard for Company performances?

The giftcard includes a pair of tickets to one of the company's performances at the Suzanne Dellal Center, which can be purchased on the "Tickets" page.

For more information please visit Site Purchase Policy


Are there tickets bundles to Batsheva performances?

Yes. There are two tickets bundles available.

For more information, please visit our "Tickets" page.


Is late entry permitted?

Late entry is not permitted to Company performances. Please make sure to arrive on time.
There are no refunds or compensations for latecomers


Are the available seats online the same as the available seats purchased via the telephone?



Are group discounts available?

Groups of 15 people or more are entitled to an additional discount. For further information, please contact the box office manager at 03-5171471 ext. 115.or via email: [email protected].


Are children allowed into Company performances?

Entrance to performances (other than shows for the whole family e.g., "Kamuyot" and "Decale") is from the age of 3 years old. 


What is the ticket return policy?

Tickets can be canceled or changed up to 2 business days before the performance. Cancellation must be done by phone by the customer who purchased the tickets with the credit card used to make the initial purchase. 
Refunds upon cancellations as noted will be refunded to the credit card used to purchase the tickets, minus 5% of the transaction value. 
There will be no refund for unused tickets
 or ticket exchange after that time.

For more information please visit Site Purchase Policy


Is it possible to receive a refund for unused tickets?



Is it possible to receive a discount retroactively?

Customers who purchased full-price tickets, and discover later that they are entitled to a discount may cancel the original tickets and re-purchase them at the discounted price up to 2 business days before the show. On the day of the show and afterward, there will be no changes in ticket prices. Please verify in the billing confirmation that all requested discounts have been applied. Changes can be made by telephone: 03.5171471, ext. 115.


Is there disabled access?

Suzanne Dellal Center and Varda Hall in the Batsheva building are accessible to people with impaired mobility.

It is advisable to co-ordinate arrival ahead of time by telephone 03.5171471, ext. 115.