“It is a privilege to grant dancers at the very start of their careers the ability to become our creative partners. We hand them the Gaga tool box, our ongoing research of many years, and we make it available to them for immediate use. We watch them go beyond their familiar limits on a daily basis to become great interpreters. Often the young dancers of the Ensemble show me fresh, new ways of looking at my own work.” – Ohad Naharin

Batsheva - The Young Ensemble was founded by Naharin in 1990 when he joined the company as Artistic Director; out of an interest in nurturing creative processes, mentoring young dancers, and developing young audiences in Israel. Its unique framework comprises independent choreographic support, rigorous studio training, domestic and international touring, and an exemplary school outreach program. The temporary nature of the program’s two-year structure colors it with a wide range of emotions, inspiring the dancers to make the most of their experience and make a significant impact on both their own practices and the execution of Naharin’s choreography. Each year nearly 400 dancers from around the world travel to Batsheva’s home at the Suzanne Dellal Center in Tel Aviv for Ensemble auditions. The Batsheva senior company is composed almost entirely of Young Ensemble graduates.

"The Young Ensemble is unquestionably one of the most magnificent collections of dancers... Beyond their fine and strong technique, their re-enactment of "MAX" by Ohad Naharin sparkled with freshness, making the work a spectacular display of effortless streaming, and connected the dancing body to something greater, beyond its limits. Any choreographer should feel fortunate to work with such an ensemble, since their implementation of "MAX" managed to retrieve some preliminary authenticity and innocence, and left a lasting impression on the retina". (Israeli Dance Critics Circle awarding the 2014 Prize for Best Interpretation to the Ensemble).

Batsheva - The Young Ensemble Dancers: