About the Company

Batsheva Dance Company is a home for dancemakers committed to ongoing research, passionate practice, and generous sharing. With Ohad Naharin as the Company’s House Choreographer, Batsheva and its dancers are dedicated to the adventurous exploration of new forms and ideas of our time.

Batsheva was founded in 1964 by the Baroness Batsheva de Rothschild, who enlisted the seminal choreographer Martha Graham as the company’s first Artistic Advisor. It is Israel’s largest dance company, with 40 extraordinary dancers from Israel and all over the world in its senior company and the Junior Batsheva Ensemble. Batsheva presents around 250 shows each year, appearing before over 100,000 people annually. In addition, the Company offers extensive educational activities for young dancers in its dance school and through a range of courses and workshops.

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Friends of Batsheva

Batsheva’s circles of friends get to experience the Company up close and personal.

The support of our friends is what makes it possible for us to dream and realize, to maintain our artistic excellence and to create new works that enrich our repertoire. It allows our dancers to develop their own creative talents, and supports the ongoing expansion and development of our educational programs, which introduce the world of dance and movement to school children across Israel, regardless of their religion or socio-economic background.

The Company has four Circles of Friends – two in Israel, one in the US (American Friends of Batsheva), and one International.

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Batsheva's Education Channels

Alongside its artistic activity, the company has considered the nurturing and training of young dancers and creators as part of its core mission and works tirelessly to promote dance education. Batsheva continues to inspire the younger generation of dancers and provides them with a framework of growth and development.

Batsheva’s education channels include diverse training programs for talented young dancers aged 14-18: from the dance school that the company opened in 2019, through annual courses for outstanding dancers from Israel and worldwide, to hosting high school dance majors from across Israel for enrichment days in the company’s studio. About 300 young dance students come to Batsheva every year to take part in the various activities.

In addition, the company also runs the Dance Teachers Forum that numbers about 300 members from all across Israel, who gather throughout the year in the company’s campus for professional enrichment and training sessions.

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Batsheva's Arts Campus

In a joint venture with the City of Tel Aviv-Yafo, the internationally acclaimed Batsheva Dance Company is establishing an Arts Campus at the historic Old Central Bus Station in southern Tel Aviv. The Campus will transform the compound into a green and shaded public square interspaced with state-of-the-art facilities, offering the public a variety of communal spaces where they can relax, engage, and interact.

Batsheva will be the resident company on campus, where it will operate an International Dance Center with creative and education activities. Among others, Batsheva will spearhead a diverse international program of contemporary artistic expression across all genres for all. The Campus will also be the residence of the new Municipal Center of Sepharadi and Mizrahi Jewish Culture.

Situated at an important pedestrian and road junction, the Campus is a strategic urban connector with a significant role in the municipal master plan for the revitalization of the southern neighborhoods. It adds to the rich architectural heritage of the City of Tel Aviv-Yafo, and will be a cultural destination both locally and internationally.

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