Purchase and Cancellation Regulations

Entrance to the show is subject to the Ministry of Health directives and in accordance with the regulations of the Green Pass (Tav Yarok):

•  Please arrive to the show with the Green Pass and an original ID card (ID card / passport / valid driver's license).
• Please prepare in advance the entrance ticket, the Green Pass certificate printed or in your mobile app, and an ID card, in order to streamline the entrance process to the hall.
•  The entrance to the hall will be in a gradual manner. Please pay attention to the time of entry that appears on your ticket.
• The exit from the hall will also be done through a public address system and in a gradual manner, in order to avoid overcrowding.
•  For more details on the Green Pass click here

Our Studios meet the Health Ministry's ״Tav Sagol״ regulations.
Please Maintain a distance of two meters between yourself and others * Upon entering, please present a printed or digital confirmation of purchase * One must wear a mask to enter and for the duration of the performance * Disinfection stations are at your disposal throughout the site * Please comply with the ushers’ instructions

1.       Please arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled performance time. Please note that due to the nature of Batsheva performances, latecomers will not be allowed to enter the performance. The box office closes at the scheduled performance time. Please be aware that latecomers will not be given any refunds or ticket exchanges.
2.       a. Changing tickets (date, seat, performance), cancellations, refunds, and exchanges are possible up to 2 business days prior to the scheduled performance. Changes or cancellations will not be accepted later than 2 business days prior to the performance[1].
        b. There are no refunds, returns, or exchanges on tickets that were not used for any reason. 
.       c. Refunds upon cancellations as noted will be refunded to the credit card used to purchase the tickets, minus 5% of the transaction value.
3.       In the event of cancellation of the performance by Batsheva for any reason, ticket purchasers are entitled to receive a monetary refund or credit for alternative performance.
4.        Please check our website where age-suitability is listed. Please note: According to Suzanne Dellal's regulations, children under the age of 3 are not allowed in the theater.

5.   Ticket pricing and discount policy
Full price ticket
The Suzanne Dellal Hall offers tickets at two price levels:
Main Hall: rows 2-13
Gallery: first row in the main hall and rows 1-5 at the gallery

Tickets for performances in Suzane Dellal Hall: 140 NIS for Main hall tickets; 110 NIS for Gallery tickets.
Tickets for Varda performances: 140 NIS; 
“Deka'le”: 60 NIS; "Batsheva Dancers Create" and "Batsheva Hosts": prices variable.

6. Discount Policy
- Students, soldiers, senior citizens, and disabled people will be entitled to a 15 NIS discount for a pair of tickets for each performance. Tickets purchased using a student, soldier, senior citizen or a disabled person discount require purchasers to present the relevant card at the box office. Upon failure to present the relevant card, the customer will be required to pay the full price of the ticket.
Groups of 15 people or more are entitled to an additional discount. Please contact the box office manager at [email protected], 03-5171471 extension 115.
*  No double discounts
** Discounts are not valid for all-family performances, "Batsheva Dancers Create" performances, Cabaret shows and "Batsheva Hosts" performances. 
*** It is hereby clarified that the above discounts shall be provided only upon purchase of the tickets (via the internet, phone, or box office). There are no retroactive discounts.
7.       Upon purchase of tickets online, Batsheva will send a notification of receipt and confirmation to the email provided at the time of purchase. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that he has received the tickets by email and that the details of the show, the date and time are according to his choice. If the reservation was not received by email, it is the sole responsibility of the customer to contact Batsheva Dance Company box office at 03-5171471, extension 115.

8.      - All tickets are electronic and will be sent via e-mail.
        - Tickets will not be printed at the box office on the evening of the show.
        - In order to enter the show, customers will be asked to present the e-tickets on the screen of their call-phones.
9.   Handicapped and disabled persons whose entrance and/or seating requires special attention are kindly asked to book tickets via telephone so that we are able to seat them accordingly.
10.   Credit card transactions are subject to the terms and conditions of the credit company.

11. Batsheva Shop
Here is the exchange and return policy:
- It is possible to return a product purchased by the customer and receive a credit voucher to be used in his next purchase. Alternatively, it is possible to receive a refund minus 5% of the transaction value, cancellation fee. [1]
-  The product must be returned in its original packaging within 14 days of receipt and in accordance with the "registered mail" report received from Israel Post.
- Products should be sent to the following address: Batsheva Dance Company, att. Box Office Manager, Yehieli 6, Neve Tzedek, Tel Aviv, Zip Code 6514947.
- It is required to specify the name of the customer who ordered, the order number, and the phone number. 
- The shipping cost is at the customer's expense.

12. Online performances and shows
 - The link for the screening is in the purchase confirmation sent to the customer email address and can be activated once the event begins in order to start the viewing.
- An online show is limited to a single-use and therefore no additional tickets can be purchased under the same contact details.  
- A ticket purchased for an online show cannot be transferred to other users for viewing.
- All of the above are in addition to the purchase regulations for stage performances and do not replace them.

Batsheva retains the privilege to change these terms from time to time, according to need, without prior notification.

[1]  Cancellation fees:
- Cancellation of a transaction will amount to a total of 5% of the transaction price or NIS 100, whichever is lower.
- A refund upon cancellation will be made on the credit card on which the order was placed. Customer identification will be done using the last four digits of the credit card as well as the 3 digits at the back of the card.

[2] Performances season starts in September in Year X to July in Year X + 1, e.g., September 2020 - July 2021.