Photo by Tamar Lam
photo by Vojtěch Brtnický
Photo by Tamar Lam
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photo by Candy Welz

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Rising by Shira Eviatar

Rising is an encounter of two bodies of knowledge from two different cultures: Yemenite and Moroccan. We examine the movements etched in our body, sourced in our tradition of celebration, movements that have been passed down from generation to generation. The dance of celebration is displaced out of its context and set on stage, allowing us to compare and contrast the similarities and differences between the two traditions. Through the action of "re-wearing" these movements we hope to raise feelings, sensations and mindsets belonging to these cultures.
Rising premiered at the Curtain Up Festival 2016

Choreography: Shira Eviatar |  Dancers: Shira Eviatar, Anat Amrani | Artistic Directors: Itzik Giuli | Music: Aharon Amram - "Haya Mei Sana'a", Sfataim- "Ahlan Wa Sahlan" | Rehearsal Director: May Zarhy | Yemenite Dance Advice: Evyatar Said | Advice: Noa Mark Ofer and Mor Shani

The work has been created in a residency program at Kelim – Center for Choreography and supported by Yasmeen Godder studio as part of a guest artist program.


“Yudilevitch’s Gravitas, performed on an Air Floor by the choreographer and Asher Ben Shalom, let force, gravity, falling, crashing, jumping, along with amble doses of oneupmanship, take center stage in one of the most original and minimalist works of the festival. Although there was plenty of understated acrobatic virtuosity in their rather reckless form of risk taking, there was also a sense of restraint, in that each challenge between the dancers need be nothing more than it was. The tension between the two men was enough, even in their silent mid piece water break. I appreciated the paradox of a rough-hewn performance embedded in a tightly structured contest.” (Nancy Wozny,, USA)

Gravity is one of the most basic and powerful forces in nature.
It acts upon us and upon every physical object in the same way. This force defines the language we use in everyday life: Up-down, light-heavy, high art- low art, life- death. Gravity doesn’t care if we land or crash, It will remain the same. We take a moment to play with it. We become pure mass and try to surrender to its blind will.

Gravitas is a duet that combines  contemporary dance and acrobatics.
Gravity is the central theme of the piece. We explore the new possibilities brought up by this new ground and try to push ourselves to the limits of this exploration. 

Ofir Yudilevitch, Born in Haifa, 1983. Started capoeira at the age of 15. He studied it extensively for 10 years and also taught capoeira and acrobatics as a teen. In 2007 Ofir started studying contemporary dance at the two year Professional School Hasadna in Haifa. He later began working with choreographers as a freelance dancer collaborating with Yasmeen Godder, Arkadi Zaides, Yossi Berg and Oded Graf, Iris Erez and others. Ofir created several pieces for different festivals before creating his first larger scale performance Gravitas in 2015. Gravitas has since toured to Germany Latvia and Denmark and recently one first prize in the International Choreography Competition Of MASH in Jerusalem. He is currently studying philosophy and art history in the Open University. 

Concept and choreography: Ofir Yudilevitch | Performed by: Asher Ben Shalom and Ofir Yudilevitch | Music: Hakobune- The Leaf Strewn Path, Son Lux- Easy, TNGHT- Higher Ground remix

Co produced by Hazira Jerusalem, Bat Yam Festival for street art and theatre.