Photo: Gadi Dagon

From 'Kamuyot'


Photo: Gadi Dagon


A Day at Batsheva


A Day at Batsheva provides an enriching educational experience for young dance students at Batsheva's studios. The program offers a first-hand experiential introduction to the company’s unique work process and can be adapted to the teacher's and students' specific needs.

What are the options?
Watching a performance
special group rates for dance students.
A reflection on dance
Enhancing the students’ viewing experience by an an intimate discussion with the company's dancers and artistic staff.
Gaga classes
Gaga is the innovative movement language developed by Ohad Naharin and used as the company's daily training. Gaga is practiced worldwide by professional dancers in Gaga/dancers classes and by dance lovers in Gaga/people classes.
Repertory workshops
Learning pieces from Ohad Naharin's notorious repertoire for Batsheva (“Echad Mi Yodea,” excerpts from Kamuyot, etc.), taught by the company’s dancers.
Open rehearsal  
Attending an open rehearsal provides an exceptional opportunity to watch Batsheva at work and to see how a dance is formed and polished by the choreographer and the dancers. An open rehearsal can also include a conversation with the artistic staff at the end of the rehearsal.

For further information and booking
Reut Assulin, Sales Manager
Reut@batsheva.co.il || 03-5171471 ext. 116